Any prospective customer for a product like Floormaiton, especially one with enterprise-level needs, such as manufacturing and custom EDI interfaces, will probably have a detailed understanding of their requirements. At Infinite Functions we understand that this is a part of the business environment. Please fill out the form below and attach your Requests for Quotes or Requests for Prices. We will respond to them. Our response process will be to evaluate your document in the context of our ability to provide tools and services. In all likelihood, we will contact you, if possible, before making a formal response, either to clarify issues raised by your document or to clarify your understanding of our product. It is our hope that you will select us to help solve your problems. If we are able to continue to the next phase of your selection process, we are prepared to configure special demonstrations of Floormation, and to make special presentations to decision-making parties within your organization.  We may also be reached by phone at 1 (805) 591 4578.


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