Relation Type Implementation Consulting Training Initial Cost Periodic Cost Flexibility Customer IT
Enterprise Tool ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++
Business Tool +++ +++ ++++ +++ +++ ++ +++
Application Service + ++ + 0 ++ + 0
Toolkit ++ 0 ++++ ++++ 0 ++++ ++++
Response to RFQ(*) - Please contact us for more information regarding requests for quotes or prices.


Implementation How long will it take to implement Floormation for this relation? (+) indicates that the system can be used as-is, requiring only that the customer's account be activated. (++) indicates that the implementation will involve extensive application configuration. (+++) indicates that considerable configuration and some development, i.e. of new screens, must be performed. (++++) indicates that the application, including the schema of the database, will probably require changes to meet the needs of this customer.
Consulting How great a role will Infinite Functions Consultants play in the relation? A zero (0) indicates that Infinite Functions will not offer any consulting services in this relationship. (++++) indicates that the relationship will depend on continued consulting work from Infinite Functions.
Training How much training will the customer require? A zero (0) indicates that Infinite Functions will not train the customer on the software. (++++) indicates that there will be a prolonged training relationship between Infinite Functions and the customer.
Initial Cost What will it cost to get Floormation up and running? A zero (0) means that there is no set-up cost beyond the first periodic payment. (++++) Indicates a substantial set-up, including customization and configuration.
Periodic Cost How great are the recurring costs in this relationship? A zero (0) indicates no recurring costs. (++++) indicates substantial recurring costs. High recurring costs could be the result of support arrangements or of consulting involved in new process or product introductions.
Flexibility How flexible is the system? (+) indicates that it is limited to out-of-the-box functionality. (++++)indicates that the system is fully programmable.
Customer IT How much information technology ability and infrastructure is the client expected to have? A zero (0) indicates that the customer need not have any IT experience. (++++) indicates that the customer will be able to run a server in a data center and administer a database.
(*)An RFQ is a document of specific needs for a business tool or service. Infinite Functions will receive all RFQ's pertaining to the services and products we provide. After carefully considering the requirements within the document, we will reply as we see fit. If we believe that we can meet the requirements, we are prepared to put considerable work into presentations and demonstrations of our products and services. The more complex the requirements, the more likely any business relationship that would grow out of it would be of the 'Tool for Enterprise' type.