Manufacturing and Warehousing Toolkit for Your Organization

Floormaiton is available as a toolkit, which means that Infinite Functions will sell the software and scripting source code to a customer who wants to utilize its own process engineering and information technology experience without re-inventing the wheel with regards to Manufacturing Execution, Warehouse Management, EDI, FCS, or MRP. As a toolkit, Floormation is a flexible, powerful, and useful tool for business, and, in the hands of sophisticated process engineers and JavaScript programmers, will provide your organization with the framework it needs to implement whatever processes it requires.

Implementing Floormation as Toolkit
By purchasing Floormation as a toolkit, your organization is taking the bulk of the implementation task upon itself. You will not be without help from Infinite Functions; we will help you with the requirements and with an initial, high-level, training program, so that you can get Floormation running on your servers. The process of configuring Floormaiton for your processes, and of developing new Floormaiton pages for new processes will belong to your organization.

Floormation Training for the Toolkit Customer
Infinite Functions will work with high-level employees within your organization, such as Process Engineers, EDI experts, and JavaScript/SQL programmers, in order to ensure that they understand the existing application logic, and are aware of the tools it provides as a development environment.

Consulting with the Toolkit Customer
Because you will be configuring Floormaiton and integrating its functionality into your processes, Infinite Functions will sell you the Floormation license without entering into a formal consulting arrangement. Our experience will be available to you, should you need it, but that arrangement will have to be made outside of the scope of the sale of the toolkit.

Initial Cost for the Toolkit Customer
The initial cost of the Floormaiton toolkit will consist of a license fee for the software, and the cost of the initial training sessions.

Periodic Cost for the Toolkit Customer
There will be no recurring costs to a toolkit customer. The toolkit customer is entirely responsible for making the most of the potential of Floormation.

Floormation Flexibility for the Toolkit Customer
The toolkit customer is able to take advantage of one of Floormation's strongest assets: flexibility. Floormaiton was designed so that its functionality is largely scripted. This means that it is not a major job to create the screens required for complex processes. Two examples are integration of third-party test results in electronics manufacturing and data capture from Quality Assurance operations in either warehousing or manufacturing. In either of these cases, working with Floormation is more a matter of configuration than of development, and the toolkit customer will be capable of exploiting Floormation's flexibility.

Information Technology Expectations for the Toolkit Customer
Infinite Functions assumes that the toolkit customer will be able to administer and support a data center, a database server, and a Floormation server. As part of the sale, the customer will be trained in administration of the Floormation server.