Best-of-Breed Manufacturing and Warehousing with Seamless Integration

At the Enterprise Level, Floormation is a set of Best-of-Breed tools for Warehouse Management, Manufacturing Execution, Electronic Data Interchange, Finite Capacity Scheduling, and Material Requirements Planning. Infinite Functions has considerable experience in implementing the processes of global enterprises with regards to manufacturing, order insertion and confirmation, and warehouse interfaces. Floormation, because it is the result of years of work with the flexible and changing requirements of modern discreet manufacturing, is a powerful and highly-configurable suite of tools that will be useful on the factory or facility floor for countless processes.

Implementing Floormation as an Enterprise Tool
An Enterprise Tool is a complex set of processes that fits neatly into the Information Technology framework of a large company that cannot afford to stop for integration. Consequently, any integration must be carefully planned and executed. Infinite Functions expects that the integration process for Floormation will, in this case, require an evaluation and planning period, during which Floormation's built-in tools will be configured to match existing processes. These process span the organization from the physical, on the factory or warehouse floor, to the data-driven EDI interfaces with Enterprise-level business software. For an enterprise customer, Infinite Functions expects that there could be a considerable development effort required to match customer needs. We are prepared to make any required changes to the application scripts, the core software, and the database schema in order to meet these needs.

Floormation Training for the Enterprise Customer
As discussed above, the implementation process for an enterprise customer can involve significant changes to the application. As a consequence, training the enterprise customer begins with the careful documentation of the requirements and any changes to the application. Enterprise-level training extends from the highest level of the customer's organization to the facility floor, so that every customer employee or contractor who comes in contact with Floormation has the tools and experience needed to make there efforts efficient.

Consulting with the Enterprise Customer
Because work with an enterprise customer is complex and, in many cases, custom, Infinite Functions will act as a consultant to the enterprise customer, with our area of expertise being our product: Floormaiton, and our accumulated knowledge of manufacturing and material handling processes.

Initial Cost for the Enterprise Customer
Integrating Floormaiton into an existing enterprise involves considerable application customization and configuration, all of which go toward building a foundation for a lasting relationship. As a consequence of the complexity of the job and the importance of its success, this is necessarily and expensive proposition.

Periodic Cost for the Enterprise Customer
When the integration is complete, Floormation is a part of a system that requires support and maintenance. Infinite Functions supports Floormation on a 24x7 basis for a number of enterprise-type customers, and the relationship is always carefully planned. The actual cost of support will vary with the type and number of processes and especially the type and number of EDI interfaces. Additionally, Infinite Functions will act as a consultant for New Process Introductions and significant process or requirement changes, or new sites.

Floormation Flexibility for the Enterprise Customer
The enterprise customer is able to take advantage of one of Floormation's strongest assets: flexibility. Floormaiton was designed so that its functionality is largely scripted. This means that it is not a major job to create the screens required for complex processes. Two examples are integration of third-party test results in electronics manufacturing and data capture from Quality Assurance operations in either warehousing or manufacturing. In either of these cases, working with Floormation is more a matter of configuration than of development, and the enterprise customer can work with Infinite Function to make sure the solution works perfectly.

Information Technology Expectations for the Enterprise Customer
Infinite Functions assumes that the enterprise customer will be able to administer and support a data center, in which will reside a Floormation Server and a Floormation Database Server. The enterprise customer may want to take responsibility for administering the OS and the database.