Simple Manufacturing and Best-of-Breed Warehousing for your Business

Infinite Functions' Floormaiton software is the choice for your business if one or more of the following is the primary concern: implementation success, flexibility in matching your processes, or low cost of entry. The business customer for Floormation runs a warehouse or a simple manufacturing facility, or some combination of the two and needs either to gain control of their processes and facilities with better visibility into the state of the shop floor, or to integrate their processes into the business systems of their customers via EDI. In either case, Floormation is a great solution.

Implementing Floormaiton as a Business Tool
Any manufacturing business is complex and has its own set of processes and requirements. Many warehousing operations are the same way. Infinite Functions expects that implementing Floormation for a business customer will take some careful effort as well as some development and extensive configuration. The implementation schedule will depend on the complexity of the processes.

Floormation Training for the Business Customer
Since the heart of your business will depend on Floormation after its implementation, the training we offer will be extensive. From the site manager to the shop floor operators who will use Floormation, every employee will be given the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, if there are any high-level IT employees who will be working with Floormation, there will be training materials covering their roles.

Consulting with the Business Customer
The consulting role of Infinite Functions will vary with the needs of the business customer. It is safe to assume that some consulting work will be necessary during the implementation phase, as your processes will need to be configured in Floormaiton. If your business requires custom Electronic Data Interchange interfaces, these will be handled on a consulting basis. When the operation is in production, consulting requirements will depend on the frequency of process changes and introductions.

Initial Cost for the Business Customer
The initial cost of implementing Floormation will depend on several factors: process complexity and EDI interfaces, especially. If EDI interfaces can be handled using proprietary formats, either directly or through a third-party translation clearinghouse, their cost can be substantially reduced.

Periodic Cost for the Business Customer
Periodic costs for the business customer consist of support costs and consulting fees for process changes and new process introductions. Infinite Functions will base support costs on the number and complexity of processes and interfaces to be supported and on the period of support. Infinite Functions offers 24x7 support.

Floormation Flexibility for the Business Customer
The business customer is able to take advantage of the flexibility of Floormation. Floormation is the result of years of working with business processes and rules, and as a result it is an extremely configurable tool for both on-the-floor processes and for EDI interfaces.

Information Technology Expectations for the Business Customer
Infinite Functions assumes that the business customer will be able to administer a data center, and that Infinite Functions will have the responsibility of administering Floormation and the Floormation database.