Infinite Functions' Floormaiton is a powerful and versatile software package designed and used by businesses with a variety of needs and means. We want everyone to be able to use Floormation, so we are prepared to work with companies that span the spectrum of sizes from small business to global enterprise. Based on your needs, we are prepared to offer a variety of service levels, based on but not limited to the following categories.

This license matrix contains a quick comparison of the service levels outlined on this page.



If you... consider... because...
want to try the software, contacting us  we have a live on-line demo that allows you to test drive the software.
manufacture serialized units, Enterprise-level initial setup and new process introduction are complex, may involve development, and can benefit from the understanding of your processes on our part that enterprise-level support provide.
have custom EDI interfaces, Enterprise-level we can develop the scripts that handle your EDI requirements without your having to learn our programming tools, and we will support the interfaces for you.
have specific data-gathering requirements, Enterprise-level we can custom-tailor Floormaiton interfaces to your data-gathering processes, meeting your data needs without forcing your operators to guess at complex decisions.
manufacture only kits, Business-level we can quickly configure Floormaiton to build kits, and train you to maintain Bills of Material.
have standard EDI needs, Business-level infinite Functions will configure Floormation to handle industry-standard EDI transactions, so you can work with existing formats to link your business to that of your clients and vendors.
have simple EDI needs, with custom formats Business-level you can work with a third-party EDI clearing house to translate your custom formats to industry-standard formats, and Floormation can be configured to handle those.
have standard Warehouse processes Floormation ASP the implementation time and startup costs are as low as you will find anywhere.
want to try Floormation without up-front commitment Floormation ASP there is no start-up cost or commitment, support can be configured to fit your needs, and you can stop the service any time.
can implement your own processes Floormation Kit your resources allow you to learn Floormation and support it, without the involvement of Infinite Functions at all but the highest training and documentation level.
want us to evaluate your requirements send an RFQ We will be able to evaluate your needs and respond with a suggestion of what we thing will make a mutually-beneficial relationship.




How do you want to use Floormation?
As a Tool for Enterprise: for manufacturing, custom Q/A with data collection, specific non-standard EDI interfaces, process engineering. Infinite Functions can work closely with companies on the enterprise scale to craft robust and effective solutions to almost any process requirements.
As a Tool for Business: for standard warehouse procedures, including receiving, shipping, cycle-counts, and standard EDI related to Order insertion and completion. Infinite Functions provides Floormation with out-of-the-box functionality that can handle the warehouse and simple manufacturing tasks, and, through a third-party EDI clearinghouse, can provide simple EDI.
As a Cloud based Application Service: for standard warehouse procedures without the IT infrastructure needed to run the Floormation servers. Infinite Functions can set up a Warehouse Management Domain on our server and you can configure that database with data representing your inventory and orders. This is the fastest way to begin using a Warehouse Management System, and Infinite Functions will provide any of a variety of available support packages.
As a Configurable Toolkit: for a company with in-house IT resources that wants to avoid re-inventing the wheel and solve its own process and EDI problems. Infinite Functions will provide an operating license, initial high-level training for programmers and process engineers, and the source code for our off-the-shelf scripted functionality.
As a Solution to a Specific Problem: Infinite Functions will respond to Requests for Quotes and Requests for Prices, and will create custom configurations and demonstrations upon request.