The Floormation WMS utilizes the same Floormation framework and architecture as our MES solution, with slightly different database tables and configuration. Warehouse functions include shipping, receiving, inventory storage and inventory movement. It is a hierarchical system that includes lot and serial number tracking.

Like the Floormation MES our WMS can be ran as either a cloud based service or on your servers.  Because it is accessed through Internet Explorer it can be used to control inventory in one or multiple warehouses while providing a real-time centralized inventory interface.

Need proof? Contact Us and try out our demo. We promise you will not find another Warehouse Management System with the functionality, stability, cost savings and support that we offer at a better price.


  • Inventory savings - Floormation provides a reduction in carrying costs, lost inventory, scrap, and stolen inventory.
  • Labor - "End users forget that the alternative to a WMS is a paper-based system run by an office full of clerks," Scott Rishel of Catalyst points out. "Labor can be moved out of the warehouse and into other departments in the company because the WMS gives instructions to employees instead of supervisors. Efficient businesses require fewer workers."
  • Equipment - Efficient warehouses also need less material-handling equipment. This includes automatic picking equipment, tilt-tray sortation, conveyor equipment and automatic labelers. Less material-handling equipment is needed in productive warehouses.
  • Facility space - By using space efficiently more products can be stored in the warehouse. Facility space and associated costs can also be reduced. Floormation calculates and uses storage space to its optimum capacity. Product X does not always have to go into Location X. With a WMS, Product X will be found even if it is where Product Y is usually located.
  • Customer service - Item returns are reduced through shipping products accurately and on time. Reducing charge backs, a cost associated with stopping shipments to check for accuracy, saves time and money. Having fewer charge backs also reduce the labor needed to check each shipment. Charge back reductions also eliminate the increased inventory needed because of slow-moving products filled with mistakes.
  • Real-Time tracking - 24 x 7 access to all modules for any trace inquiries.

Floormation© WMS Functions:

  • Planned and unplanned Receipts
  • Directed put away
  • Directed pick
  • Expected and unplanned issue
  • Inventory adjustment
  • Automatic part and unit of measure conversion
  • Location organization by building and zone
  • Location and product based cycle counting
  • Incoming inspection
  • Label Printing
  • Shop floor documents including shipping
  • ATP/UTP product tracking
  • Backflush
  • User definable inventory transactions
  • User definable product and location holds
  • Plus Much Much More