Sometimes there is a need to quickly react to new business opportunities, or to respond to unforeseen emergencies. That is where the Infinite Functions QuickMES 2 week promise fits in. QuickMES is a streamlined version of our Cloud based Floormation MES solution that requires little lead time and limited equipment.  All you need is Internet Explorer and an Internet connection and you can use QuickMES.

What is the 2 week promise?

Infinite Functions has been in the manufacturing software business for over 30 years and implmenting web based MESs for over 13.  QuickMES is based on those years of experience.  It offers the core functionality of Floormation that is needed to get you up and running within 2 weeks, and that is our promise.   

What do we mean by streamlined?

By streamlined we mean that it includes just those features needed to get you up and running including

  • Order creation
  • Capacity scheduling
  • BOM control and versioning
  • Traceability
  • Expiration Date Labeling
  • Product genealogy
  • Process Controls
  • Mobile devices
  • Backup and data security/archiving
  • Cost Reporting
  • Multiple Clients/Customers

Other features that may not be included in QuickMES install are

  • Product Planning
  • Warehousing
  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Line Controls -- Connection to PLCs

What to expect during the two weeks

  • Infinite Functions will work you in order to streamline processes and optimize configurations within QuickMES.  If your processes go beyond the scope of the QuickMES application, Infinite Functions will make customizations to handle your needs.
  • Infinite Function will work with you to determine your critical EDI needs and implement them.
  •  Infinite Functions will provide you the training and reference materials you need so that you can configure your processes in the application as it runs on your prototype system. It is also possible for Infinite Functions to provide on-site training at your facility.

Other key features of QuickMES

  • Additional features from the full Floormation application can be added as needed. 
  • QuickMES can be easily moved off of the Cloud and into your data center.


All you have to do is contact us, and we can begin working with you to set up a QuickMES instance.  Also, try our on-line demonstration. It is a fully-functional implementation of QuickMES with sample data that you can manipulate as you like.