Floormation provides Materials Requirements Plannning in the form of a sophisticated calculator that is integrated with our Manufacturing Execution System and Warehouse Management System capabilities.

It determines what raw materials are needed and when they should arrive and it develops a detail-manufacturing schedule, which includes finished products and all required sub-assemblies.


    Production forecasts are combined and adjusted for customer orders.
    MRP is driven by the master production schedule.
    Plans item schedules for repetitive manufactured items.
    Accommodates firm planned orders.
    Accommodates phantom items within the bill of materials.
    Real-time visibility or requirements and supplies for plan and/or proposed orders.
    Available-to-promise visibility.
    Automates the execution of MRP recommendations: creates shop floor schedules and purchase orders.
    Paperless MRP - no reports required - no re-keying or data required - plan is on-line.
    Simulation runs of MRP for what-if analysis


    Material Requirements Planning automates the tedious material planning tasks.
    MRP accurately plans material requirements to support the production plan.
    Using MRP, it is easy to develop production schedules.
    Floormation MRP provides fully or partially automated operation.
    Floormation MRP allows on-line visibility to sources of requirements.