The Floormation MES is used by assemblers of packaged finished goods who are dissatisfied with the fixed solutions or the building block solutions. Floormation MES supports the needs of both Co-Packing and Serialized manufacturing environments and currently manufactures over 100,000 units daily.  Our product uses a browser framework that provides the flexibility to change your process on the fly and unlike other MES packages, we provide the tools that allow non-IT employees to enhance the application to further increase quality and production.

Floormation™'s Benefits (click for more information):

Built In Quality Controls

  • Quality Tracking at every step without hindering the production rate of the physical process.
  • Quality output with the least resources
  • Quality control is built into the process
  • Quality control is measurable
  • Provides document control for the process
  • Real time alerts regarding failure trends
  • Ability to restrict component lots from being built into specific products

Flexible Work Order Management and Scheduling

  • Supports Build to Order (BTO), Build To Stock (BTS) or Just In Time (JIT) orders.
  • Requires only one way communication from the business to engage desired activity on the production floor.
  • Production can make immediate adjustments to satisfy orders. A lower level or resource issue can be easily circumvented or temporarily put on hold.
  • Customizable scheduling views and rules
  • Improve Shop floor scheduling of any sized order, from very small to a high volume production environment
  • Ease of scheduling in an environment with a large number of orders, 100 plus

Process and Workstation Management

  • Flexibility in process steps and workstation sub steps.
    • Floormation can adjust process steps from the GUI using the process route configuration menu.
    • Floormation can adjust workstation sub steps in the station configuration file.
    • New workstation sub steps can be easily created using JavaScript and HTML.
  • Automatic workstation changeover with new target product
  • Adapts to the manufacturer's processes, use of the Floormation MES does not require process changes.
  • Process changes can be implemented quickly without help from IF
  • Easy setup of temporary workstations for rework or to handle additional volume.

Access Controls

  • Access restrictions for production operators, leads, supervisors, schedulers and support is configured by the site to their requirements.
  • Supports supports restrictions down to individual buttons or fields.
  • Users can be grouped together to avoid time consuming setup.
  • Access restrictions are easy to maintain.

 Flexible Reporting

  • Customizable real time reporting
  • Business and production can view the manufacturing performance in a format to match their needs
  • Real time reporting to review WIP
  • Real time reports to review workstation production
  • Offers real-time visibility by quantities, performance and specific unit
  • Provides document control for the product
  • Product genealogy is recorded

Ease of Integration with existing systems

  • Interfaces with ERP and warehouse management systems
  • Automatic delivery of new orders
  • Automatic confirm to the business of completed work
  • Automatic requests for warehouse lower level stock moves
  • Automatic synchronization with warehouse inventory