Floormations ability to scale to fit any size of business is evident when you compare it to every other WMS on the market.


Our Intranet and Internet applications are exactly the same, the only difference is the way you integrate them into your facility. With the Intranet model, you do not lease the application from Infinite Functions on a monthly basis. Instead, you purchase a site license, and install Floormation locally on your own server.


Choosing whether you want to access Floormation from one of Infinite Funcitons' servers or from an installation on your own servers is only one of the choices you have as a Floormaiton customer. Take a look at our license level page for more information.


You still access Floormation through your browser, and you are able to manage multiple sites off of the single server.


Infinite Functions is also available to offer support to any client who purchases the site license for Floormation.