Finite Capacity Scheduling is the process of creating and operating a schedule for a set of jobs that are to be produced on a limited set of resources. Each job is comprised of one or more operations/stations that must be performed in a specified sequence using the set of available resources (machines, workers, etc.). A schedule assigns a starting and ending time to each operation and sequences the operations across the resources. The operations are also assigned in a way that any sequencing constraints are respected.
Finite Capacity Scheduling includes an easy-to-use Rough-Cut Capacity analysis facility to view over/under capacity - and to adjust the plan.
Benefits of using Finite Capacity Scheduling
Schedule Automation Floormation's FCS automates the scheduling of numerous "build-to-order" work orders. Since these orders are often numerous, for small quantities, and have short deadlines, automating their scheduling can save a lot of work.
Resource Planning Use Finite Capacity Scheduling to analyze and plan resource requirements.
Same Result Processes Use FCS to view the results of planning the same order set using diverse "same result" manufacturing processes. Floormation can show you how dividing the work among more or less stations will change your schedule and resource requirements.
Use Historical Data FCS provides fast and effective production planning using historical process time data with new order due times and inventory information.
Incorporate Forecasts Incorporate forecasts to drive the plan for long lead-time items.