RAVE - Run Anywhere View EverywhereFloormation's web based architecture delivers secure access to the system from anywhere in the world

  • For users:
    • Multiple Site Management - Oversee and interact with every site in your organization in "Real Time" from your desktop.
    • Corporate Dashboard - Executive overview of real time performance 
    • Ease of installation - Runs from most browsers and mobile devices
  • For Vendors:
    • Vendor managed inventory - Vendors can check the minimum and maximum levels of stock
    • Future demand - Vendors can view Floormation forecasts and MRP results.
  • For Customers:
    • Create Orders - Customers can request products, service, pick-up or delivery 
    • Change orders - Customers can modify the requests
    • View Work Status - View Work in Progress
The server can be hosted by yourself, your selected server farm or by Infinite Functions.
Other Benefits:
  • High Security and High Availability System - Benefit from installing Floormation on server farm.
  • Ease of Use - Connect to the Internet, open browser and begin seeing results immediately.
  • Minimal Training - Your employees are "ready to work" with the familiar browser interface.
  • Savings - Less complex/expensive IT infrastructure.
While at the same time you eliminate:
  • Messy installations - No need to install and configure on every PC in your organization. With Floormation there is nothing to install.
  • Complicated upgrades - With Floormation, all upgrades are done transparently, eliminating the downtime usually associated with software maintenance.
  • Keeping in sync with client device upgrades - A new OS is normally transparent to the Floormation browser interface.